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       Today, we will share our tips on how to maintain our watch. For our watch, the most direct way to show our love is to maintain it, but maintenance also pays attention to ways and methods. You need to know the relevant knowledge in advance, and you can't blindly do what you think is good. Beijing rudder maintenance service center will introduce how to clean and maintain the rudder watch.


       If the imperial watch is a soft belt, it needs more strength to maintain, and the durability should be increased. It is recommended to prevent contact with water or moisture, discoloration or deformation. Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun to prevent discoloration. Avoid contact with oily substances or cosmetics, as the cortex is easy to exudate.


       Regular cleaning of rudder watches is the key, and different types of rudder watches have different cleaning methods.



       In most cases, you can directly clean the metal strap and waterproof case with water, and then wipe it with a soft cloth. If it comes into contact with sea water, it must be thoroughly cleaned. However, especially if the imperial watch is waterproof, do not wash it in water for a long time.


       Sweat and dirt from exercise or exercise can erode the appearance of the watch and cause individual skin allergies.


       The newly purchased pointer watch needs to peel off the protective film on the back cover. Otherwise, sweat will be left in the middle of the watch and corrode the back cover.


       Please do not put all kinds of messy chemicals in your hands. When the meter contacts, please clean it in time to prevent discoloration, overflow and change of waterproof performance.


       It is not suitable to wear belt in hot and humid season or environment, and other environment is also good. As a result, many people have more than one metal and leather strap, replacing them in the cold summer.


       Sunshine is good for us, but not good for our watches. Long time exposure to the sun will discolor the surface of the belt watch and accelerate the aging of the leather. Some chemical reagents may cause or cause discoloration of the surface. When it is too hard, cracks are easy to appear on the fixed position of the watch strap (the greater the bending rate of the watch strap, the more fragile it is). Therefore, wear the watch strap carefully and move it smoothly.


       The above is the whole content of this article, I hope you can learn some methods and master and apply them in daily life after reading. If there is any problem or demand in the use of your rudder watch, you can go to Beijing rudder maintenance center, and we will serve you wholeheartedly.



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